Friday, July 10, 2009

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Moving right along!

Hello, right now im just sitting here Macey is running a fever and has been getting sick during the night so i'm staying home with her today. Both kids are sleeping now so i'm taking advantage of some quiet time before Grif wakes up! Well I was kind of bummed when I woke up and heard thunder rolling & heard it pouring outside!! They were supposed to put up the walls & set the trusses today but I'm sure that is cancelled! Hopefully tomorrow will be better! I have some pics of the progress hope you all have a great Thursday!! Hoping Macey & Matt get to feeling better soon! He's been sick also!! Were supposed to go on the Thomas the Train outing on Sunday so I'm hoping everyone is better by then. The kids have been so excited about that. Enjoy the pics!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Exciting News!!

Well first of all I want to let you know they FINALLY started our house on thursday! We already have a basement & tom (Monday) they are doing the garage floor!! See the pictures!! My kids are sooo excited! As well as Matt & I! Then as most of you know my little brother got married on Saturday night! So we had another big celebration! Evan has a Beautiful wife! and I wish them all the best & many years of happiness!! Love you both! So happy we got to be a part of your big day! Macey & Grif were sooo excited they got to ride in a stretch hummer limo! Grif called it the long car :) We had tons of fun & my kids just looked too cute! Anyway, I'm sure you'll be seeing lots of pictures this week of the house so just stay tuned!! Have a great day!


Friday, May 22, 2009

Ready for the 3 day weekend!!

Well I don't have too much to say. We've just been really busy running here & there lately. Were so excited to be going camping this weekend! It will be nice to just sit back and relax for a bit!! There's several kids going so the kiddos will have lots of playmates!! YAY!! that always makes it better! Last night Macey & I went to my friend Brittany's and she took some pics of us. The plan was for Grif & Macey to be in them but yesterday he woke up and had gotten bit by one of those nasty bugs and his right eye was so SWOLLEN!!! he couldn't even open it!! It looks horrible! So me & Macey just had a girls night!! We had tons of fun and Macey got a new little friend...she fell in love with sweet little Meredith!! The pics turned out really good!! I'm so happy w/ them! you can check them out on her site and let me know which ones are your favorites! We are going back sometime in the next few weeks for Griffen & Macey's together! I'm also getting so excited about our house!! Well trust me you all will know when they actually show up and begin but the old part that we are finishing is looking so good! My cabinets in the old kitchen that we are turning into my laundry room are looking so good!! I'm so excited about them...For one b/c I'm doing them all by myself...and 2 they actually are turning out really GREAT!!! I'm so happy w/ them! They were oak cabinets and i sanded them and distressed them i will have to post pics when they all are finished! Well I can't believe my little bro is getting married in less than 2 WEEKS!!! it's crazy! But i'm so happy for the both of them & it's going to be so much fun! Well hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Sheena

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


This Saturday we are having a HUGE yard sale! I have went through kids clothes, my clothes (that have shrunk haha) and TONS of toys, here is a list of some things that will be included in the sale. There are other people joining in the sale so there is quite a bit! Infant/toddler boys clothing brand named/gymboree, 3T-5T girls like new clothing, Tons of women's clothing, Home decor, 3 Oak barstools, home & garden party dishes & etc... Christmas items, Antique dresser w/ mirror, baby items, small computer desk, rock band (like new), sat. radio for vehicle, Play Station 2, Entertainment Center, Kodak Digital Camera and MUCH MORE!!!! Hope to see you there!! it starts at 8am and Macey is SO excited we got her a lemonade stand for christmas so she's going to be at her stand selling lemonade :) if you need directions you can e-mail me at

Have a great day!

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Time Flies!!

Hello I'm back!! Time is just flying by!! And of course they haven't started our house yet :( I'm hoping next week the rain stops & the ground dries up so the can start!! Anyway start off with last Saturday morning we had a bridal shower for my soon to be sister Sarah!! She looked beautiful & gots lots of wonderful gifts!! I wish her & Evan the best!! Then after the shower we went home and picked up our neighbor kids and headed to the baymont for the night. We had to cancel Macey's birthday party the last weekend b/c she got sick. So we ended up having it this past Saturday!! We had a total of 7 kids!! Believe it or not it was TONS of fun!! We went swimming, got in the hot pool as Griffen calls it (He's trying to get his Mamaw Catherine to buy one) and we ordered pizza, had cake and ice cream. Then we went to the park and played on Sunday! Well better go Have a great weekend!! Update on Jim he had an MRI today in Indy today (thurs) and the tumor hasn't grown in size but the ring around it parts of it are getting thicker. So Tues. he goes back to Indy for a PET Scan to see if the parts that are getting thicker are cancer or from the treatments. So we will know more next week! Just continue the prayers! Love, Sheena

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Hello... Tonight we met with the guy who is making our cabinets!! I'm so excited!! We picked them out & have a few countertops that we are still tossing around but it's coming together!! Now the crew just needs to show up and begin the new addition!! We have one week down so hopefully within 3 more wks they will begin!! Not believing it until i see it!! But i do feel like it is beginning to all come together!! FINALLY!! I also want to remind you that the MARCH OF DIMES walk is going to be held this saturday...Registration begins at 9am and walk at 10am at Eastside park in Washington!! I'm so excited and can't wait... It's not to late to join us!! let me know if your interested! Have a great weekend!! & a wonderful Easter :) It's supposed to be a really nice weekend! Love, Sheena